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The Board of Directors held an extraordinary meeting on March 15th to review the decision to hold our Annual General Meeting on March 29th, as originally scheduled.

In light of recent events and of recommendations bu numerous governments regarding mitigation measures related to COVID-19, the Board has decided to postpone this year’s AGM, both to protect the well-being of our members and to ensure that the opportunity for the highest level of participation is made possible.

The Board will continue to monitor developments over the coming weeks and will inform all our members of a revised date for our AGM once more information is available about the evolution of the epidemic.


Strong Canadian presence! From JKA-SKD Canada:
Jean-Pierre Cusson, Shahrokh Hoghooghi, Manon Quirion, Oscar Avellaneda, and Bio Aikawa.


Left to right: Nadia Hardy, Jean-Pierre Houle, Loren Romero, François Gélinas, Alain VanDerLoo, Melarie Taylor, Bio Aikawa

Guest instructors: Master Ueki Masaaki Shihan, 10th Dan, JKA Chief Instructor,
along with Imura Takenori Sensei, 8th Dan
and Igarashi Tatsuro Sensei, 3rd Dan, both JKA Headquarter instructors.

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The 2019 JKA Pan-American took place over 2 days in Bogotá, Colombia. The 24 individual kata categories were attented by around 470 competitors and the same number of competitors attended the 24 individual kumite categories. There were also a total of 12 team categories, for a total of 96 team events. The Canadian team was composed of 21 athletes (13 from JKA SKD Canada).

Saturday August 10th was the Championship for the Juniors (11 to 18 years old). The Canadian competitors were: Khayyam Cesar-Mohamed (12), Jayden Blitzer (13), Frédérick Vinette and Caline Huang (14), Ly Andy Phok, Ali Afrasiabi and Khayden Cesar-Mohamed in the 15- to 16-years-old category, as well as Andru Tecce, Ariel Crisostomo, Sara Hughes and Kathryn Chin in the 17- to 18-years old category. Three medals were obtained by the juniors:

Caline Huang, bronze medal in individual kata (13 competitors from 8 countries).

Frédérick Vinette, bronze medal in individual kata (20 competitors from 11 countries).

Andru Tecce, Ariel Crisostomo and Ly Andy Phok, bronze medal in the 17- to 18-years-old team kata (9 teams from 9 countries).

Sunday August 11th was the Championship for the 19- to 20-years-old category, the 21-year-old and over category and the Seniors categories (40-45,46-50, 51-55, 56 +). Canada’s competitors were Mario Biscotti in the 19- to 20-year-old category, Kanako Isobe, Nilovna Bascunan-Vasquez, Hugo Degroote, Francis Labit, Fidel Labit, Luigi Garde, Rafik Kodsy and Kamar Abdur-Rashid in the 21-years-old and over category, and Wilfred Seerathan in the 51- to 55-years-old category. Two medals were obtained in those categories:

Wilfred Seerathan in the 51- to 55-years-old category, silver medal in individual kata (12 competitors from 9 countries) and bronze medal in individual kumite (12 competitors from 9 countries).

Kanako Isobe obtained the 7th place in women's individual kata (45 competitors from 11 countries).

Francis Labit won his first two rounds in individual kata to be in the top 16 (61 competitors from 14 countries).

Two judges represented Canada: Sensei Minoru Saeki and Sensei Denise Saeki.

Two coaches represented Canada: Sensei Jean-Pierre Cusson and Sensei Manon Quirion.

Jean-Pierre Cusson


PHOTOS & REPORT - 2018 Panamerican Championship - Lima, Peru

Canadian team
(Absents on the photo: Aidyn Dagenais-Adler, David Ihaza et Andru Tecce)


The 2018 JKA Panamerican Championship was held in Lima, Peru. The tournament was held on two days, Saturday was for juniors and Sunday was for adults.

The canadian team was composed of 21 competitors, 9 from JKA SKD (Aidyn Dagenais-Adler, Frédérick Vinette, David Ihaza, Jacob Pichhadze, Ly Andy Phok, Khayden Cesar Mohammed, Ariel Crisostomo, Andru Tecce, Nilovna Bascunan-Vasquez) and 12 from CJKF (Maya Jose, Darian Nasirzadeh, Celeste Wolske, Dina Petko, Kanako Isobe, Luciana Garcia, Francis Labit, Fidel Labit, Luigi Garde, Rafik Kodsy, Diyari Azad, Wilfred Seerattan).

The canadian team, both juniors and seniors, competed with great spirit. JKA SKD members got very good results and got the medals for Canada. This was a great learning experience for all the participants and the level of competition was high. There was good camaraderie and support between the canadian competitors. There was also a very great enthusiasm and support from the parents who traveled to Lima with their young athletes.

The canadian coaches were Jean-Pierre Cusson, Manon Quirion and Ed Leung. Brad Jones was the canadian judge at this Championship.

You will find below some of the highlights of the canadian results.

Jean-Pierre Cusson, canadian coach

  • Aidyn Dagenais-Adler, 12 years old category : SILVER MEDAL in kata (There was 16 competitors in the category).
  • Ly Andy Phok, 15-16 years old category : SILVER MEDAL in kata (There was 42 competitors in the category).
  • Ariel Crisostomo, 15-16 years old category : BRONZE MEDAL in kata (42 competitor's category, he had to perform a tie breaker kata twice and won both times).
  • Ly Andy Phok, Ariel Crisostomo and Andru Tecce, 15-16 years old team kata : GOLD MEDAL (There was 9 teams competing. Argentina got silver and Chile got the bronze).
  • Frédérick Vinette, 12 years old category : top 8 in kata (There was 20 competitors in the category).
  • Maya Jose, 13 years old category : top 8 in kata (There was 15 competitors in the category).
  • Nilovna Bascunan Vasquez, adult category : top 8 in kumite (There was 41 competitors in the category).
  • Wilfred Seerattan, 51 years and more : top 8 in kata (There was 13 competitors in the category).
  • Andru Tecce, 15-16 years old category : top 16 in kata (42 competitors).
  • Khayden Cesar Mohammed, 15-16 years old category : top 16 in kata (42 competitors).
  • Kanako Isobe, adult category : top 16 in kata (41 competitors).


Opening ceremony

The JKA-SKD group
(Absent on the photo: Khayden Cesar Mohammed)


Ly Andy Phok, Ariel Crisostomo and Andru Tecce, 15-16 years old team kata : GOLD MEDAL


Aidyn Dagenais-Adler, 12 years old category : SILVER MEDAL in kata


Ly Andy Phok, Ariel-Crisostomo, 15-16 years old individual kata.


Dojo Sakurai de Notre-Dame-du-Lac is active in their community! Check out the article in their community news on page 15! (French only)

Montreal JKA Fall Camp, November 4-5 with Shu Takahashi Sensei (7th Dan, JKA Brooklyn) and Douglas Luft (7th Dan, JKA Albany)

Congratulations to Canadian Competitors at the 10th South American Championship!

The 10th South American Championship was held in Santiago, Chile on September 3-4, 2016. Thirteen countries and about 450 contestants participated in this championship, with a special invitation to Canada, USA, Mexico and Panama. A total of 10 competitors represented Canada, 5 from JKA-SKD Canada: Manon Quirion, Richie Phok, Ariel Crisostomo, Andru Tecce and Andy Phok.

Here are the results of our member:

  • Andy Phok - placed first in both KATA and KUMITE in the 13 years male category;
  • Richie Phok - placed first in KATA and top 8 in KUMITE in 19-20 years male category;
  • Ariel Crisostomo - placed second in KATA in the 14 years male category;
  • Andru Tecce - placed fourth in KATA and top 8 in KUMITE in 14 years male category;
  • Manon Quirion - placed Top 16 in both KATA and KUMITE in adult female category.

Jean-Pierre Cusson who participated as Canadian coach was very proud of their performance and the experience that they gained.

Congratulations to all!

Photos from the event:

Canadian team

Andy Phok, first in Kata and Kumite

Ariel Crisotomo, second in Kata

Richie Phok, first in Kata

2016 International GASHHUKU report

International GASSHUKU took place at JKA headquarter in Tokyo on April 14-17, 2016. Don Sharp, Shahrokh Hoghooghi, Angelo Massotti and Pierre Blier participated from JKA-SKD Canada. Congratulations to Pierre Blier who passed ROKUDAN (6th degree) at Dan examination on the last day of GASSHUKU. Don Sharp and Shahrokh Hoghooghi successfully renewed all of their qualifications as well as DAN examination rights.

"A fantastic camp as usual, lots of emphasis on KIHON, and judging, and the highlight of the camp was on BASSAI DAI, KANKU DAI with their BUNKAI, and one full hour of just TAIKYOKU SHODAN and how important this KIHON KATA is for creating a good stance as well as tuning points on the KATA. We also had a simulation tournament with Japanese university students to practice our judging skills. These students were really exciting!"

– Don, Shahrokh, Angelo

Don Sharp (LEFT) and Angelo Massotti (RIGHT) with Izumiya Sensei

Shahrokh Hoghooghi (RIGHT) with his son, Shayan Hoghooghi

Shayan Hoghooghi in a pre-GASSHUKU class by Ueda Sensei and Okuma Sensei at JKA Headquater

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Les Championnats Sud-Américains organisé par l'association JKA Sud-Américaine , Sao Paulo, Brésil.

"I had a wonderful time in Brazil, met some good people and ate some great food. It is always a learning experience weather competing in a regional up to international level. I was able qualify up to the semi finals in kata, and went up against a very tough Brazilian competitor in Kumite who won third place at the tournament.

This tournament will make me improve as much as the competitors I competed against. Competing in a international tournament let's us uncover the talent of different countries, which pushes ourself to restructure our technics.To quote Master Funakoshi 'the ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of it's participants.'

It was nice to be with Senseis Jean Pierre, Shahrokh and Manon, they were a great support to our team Canada. I discovered how important it is to have this support when competing in different countries, this is why it's important for our participation as a team." - Trevor Ishmael Sensei, Shotokan Karate Yamato Academy (Photo:2nd from left)

"La compétition s'est assez bien passée même si j'aurais aimé faire mieux. Je me suis classée pour les finales en KATA et KUMITE (top 8), ce qui est bien. Je fais partie de l'équipe Canadienne depuis 1994. C'est un privilège et une fierté bien méritée de représenter notre pays. Mon Sensei, Jean-Pierre Cusson a toujours été mon entraineur et coach depuis mes compétitions de haut niveau.

Plusieurs fois championne Canadienne, je ne les compte plus depuis plusieurs années! ... Je veux le remercier et toujours continuer à me surpasser à travers ses précieux conseils et entrainements, pour représenter le mieux possible notre pays." - Manon Quirion Sensei, Hakuro Dojo (Photo: 1st from left)

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